Top Tier: 1. Longzhu* (6-0) 2. SK Telecom T1 (5-1) 3. Royal Never Give Up (5-1) 4. Cloud 9 (3-3) Bottom Tier: 1. Team World Elite (5-1) 2. Fnatic (4-4) 3. Misfits (4-3) 4. Samsung Galaxy (4-2) Based on how the brackets panned out I placed who I thought would make it out of Quarterfinals in the Top Tier, and who would go home early in the Bottom Tier. And YES Cloud 9 is one of the Top Tiers, now here me out. Team WE looked incredibly strong, even coming out 1st seed in their group, but with that being said I still think that they were placed in one of the easiest groups to be placed in. I think that C9 and WE are a very close match-up, and like before I numbered teams based on the likely-hood things would happen. I have placed a little star next to the team that I believe to be the winner of the tournament, and for good reason I chose Longzhu. SKT showed they can come back from early deficits, and RNG showed that they can beat the lowest seed of Korea, but they both lost to sub-par teams that weren't on their level at all. With that being said, at the level of play needed to actually win worlds, I predict that the one team that is still undefeated will take home the cake. Sure LZ didn't have the strongest early game, but they did show that they weren't consecutively weak. With all that being said, let the disagreements flow in like water from a broken dam in the middle of a river.
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