New lolesports site is poorly designed.

I am not going to say I am a know-it-all web developer. But I will say this, I read the "Q&A" and it claimed that you guys were trying to make it more accessibility which is something most government sites have to do that receive federal or state funding they are required to reach certain "accessibility" scores. After navigating the new website and 100% clueless as to where to go to watch the LCK streams it seems that you guys are over-the-top-zealous with the damn card-stock web design. Can we seriously move away from this "Card stock" design because its seriously ugly and its like trying to add a bunch of ugly trash to make it pretty. You have to much going on with the main page. You need to have a WAY better navigation between parts of the site I even got a 404 error when going to "". Just going to say for the millions you guys make you could of designed a better site.
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