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Behind the Stream - Episode 2: EU Production
Ever wondered what it takes to produce the EU LCS every week? We take you on an exclusive backstage tour to meet the teams that bring the show to life. This episode will focus on the broadcast producers, the observers who chose what actions to show in games, the referees and live operations.
So it's been an Idea in my head that LCS casting and working with riot for the Esports would be a really cool job, but at 2:40 they show what I geuss is called the observer room. I think it would be amazing to be a part of that room that just watched the game and calls out what is happening! 😍😍😍 Also, from riot could we get more content like this kinda just giving information out on what goes on behind the stream and more appreciation towards people like the observer room! I know there are a lot more behind the scenes than just defico (I think this is spelled wrong) talking.
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