NA Fans, I'm Embarassed

How dare you boo SSG in the quarterfinals. Honestly, I'm embarrassed to be in NA right now. Dont get me wrong, I am a passionate TSM fan, I watched every TSM game this spring and summer split. I also like c9 as a team, but really???? I say again, how dare you guys have the guts to boo SSG. I apologize to SSG and everyone in Korea, that was not classy, not cool, and not necessary. No respect. Even Hai thinks it's disrespectful and impolite. "Regardless of wherever I played, Korea, Europe, etc we always got cheered on. It's just the polite thing to do." - Hai I'm disgusted embarrassed and so disappointed that the region I live in would go and boo another team for performing better than us. I hope it never happens again. The video of the booing - Edit - Even the casters. "I do hope we get some cheers for SSG, good play is to always be respected." Edit 2 - I think there is a misunderstanding. I am in no way saying we have to cheer for SSG in the sense that we want them to win or we even like them. What I am saying is that it is respectful for one to not put down all the hard work and effort they put into worlds. They beat everyone in their group fair and square, and by being the best. Acknowledge the fact and applaud them because hey, they put in their all for this tournament and it worked out for them. I appreciate you putting in the time and effort so that (sure its so they can win) I can enjoy a good game. Edit 3 - Even Impact. "Samsung strong today I didn't play good today sorry We played bad but fans boo Samsung I'm Korean too and hope fans can respect them" Edit 4 - CoreJJ, "I do have good memories of playing at NA LCS, it would be a lot of help it the NA fans could support me." Edit 5 (Last Edit I swear... xD) - I want to apologize to everyone, some of my replies to you guys were rude and nonconstructive to say the least. I understand that other people have different views and honestly, you guys brought up some great points that I didn't think about. I still think booing SSG was wrong, but I see the validity in the opposing sides view. We'll have to agree to disagree. :) Again, I'm sorry for my hot-headed replies and thank you so much for being such a great community. Honestly, this is like a family to me and even though we disagree and sometimes fight, I still enjoyed all of our little "talks" and hope to have more on a friendlier level. :) Thanks again everyone who commented.
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