A Detailed Thread Explaining the World's Fix Job

I'll preface this by saying that I'm an NA and EU fanboy. So yes, this is coming from a place of salt and frustration, but it doesn't make it any less true. I think most people would agree that the finals series between G2 and FPX proved that worlds this year was rigged. Allow me to shed some light on why and "what proof" there is. 1. G2 was clearly the best team in the world, outplaying every team and having the best pick ban in the entire world... until they played a Chinese team. - The Evidence here is clear. Take a look at those pick/bans. G2 never gives away Xayah without the Kai'sa up and vice versa... but decided to do it in the match point... Locking in troll picks in each game... it's like they wanted us to know. The gameplay speaks for itself. I understand there are bad games... but G2 was flat out feeding. They never get caught out the way they did in that game. It happened over and over and over again throughout multiple games... again... like they wanted us to know. 2. When the gaming world is under a political microscope after the whole Blizzard fiasco, it's no secret that RIOT was feeling the pressure to make things seems like everything was normal on the surface. There was clearly an initiative during the play in stages to not say "Hong Kong." The people took notice and let RIOT know about it. RIOT is reeling, looking for a solution with their father company, Tencent, who passed down the initiative in the first place. Suddenly, a week later, RIOT casters are saying Hong Kong excessively... attempting to prove that there was no initiative before... Tencent understood that in order for the world to watch worlds, they had to let this one go... because the end of worlds is where Tencent's real prize was. 3. Chinese companies have made threats against their employees and employee families in order to fall in line. I wont go into this one much because it's not appropriate for these boards, but just look it up. It's no secret. The scary thing is that I'm not even sure an exchange of good (money) was needed to make this happen. 4. In the end, we have a Chinese team, lifting a Chinese trophy, funded by a Chinese company... in Europe... during a time where the rest of the world isn't really a great fan of China... The proof is in the gameplay. It's impossible to ignore. I'd even argue G2's reactions didn't seem genuine. Caps walking out of G1 laughing and smiling like "Oh Well. Darn" didn't seem to fit. I know conspiracy theories run rampant in the boards, but I think it's safe to say that this one is just outright fishy, bizarre, and blatant. I even imagine G2 was offered the opportunity to make it a 5 game series and just said nah to make it look even worse. FIN

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