NA LCS play-offs format. Potential backfire.

Okay, so I read the article as many times as needed to make sure I got everything. And what I concluded is that this format can negatively impact NA at MSI and more importantly Worlds. The idea of a winners and losers bracket is fine, however, this can lead to potential miracle runs that can later on make NA look like a joke. Looking simply at the Summer playoff. 8 teams particpate. 1-6 are placed in the winners bracket and 7-8 are placed in the losers bracket. seeds 1 and 2 are placed further in the winning bracket because they earned it, and it avoids possible fck ups like the 1st seed losing to a 5th seed and end up with the 8th seed in the losers bracket. However, that's the problem that can happen with seeds 3-6 and seeds 1-2 later on. teams 3-6, whichever two teams win, will face either the 1st of 2nd seed. and the loser will face the 7th and 8th team. Already this can create chaos. On a small scale (aka nationally), its cool and awesome to see a 3rd seed face of with an 8th seed, because potential underdog/cinderalla stories, HOWEVER!!! Having a very high seed potentionally compete with the worst team creates two problems. The bracket fails to evaluate if the higher seed team won because of skill (aka, they didn't even try and won easily) OR the have the lowest seed win out of complete luck rather than by being good. That process repeats itself. seeds 1 and 2 can potentionally not see each other (either because they got cocky or because the other seeds got lucky). And that can end up with the 1st seed competing against seeds 5-8. Obviously for this to happen could possibly be impossible. But it is probable. Then to make things worse, in my opinion. You only need to fight to get in the finals. Because, like we've already seen, 1st seed in worlds means absolutely nothing for NA. last time a 1st seed from NA made it out of groups was in 2015. This format in my eyes allows for teams to make it to worlds base on a lucky streak. I have no doubt that the first and second seed should appear in the finals, but the fact that that might not happen means that a 4th or lower seed team can get to the finals based on lucky. I know "luck" can happen during the regular split because its all a best of one. And we've seen cases like C9 making it to semis at worlds and almost getting demoted from the LCS. But that has been one case. ___ Meanwhile, LEC has both the first and second seed face off potentionall 3 times, which assures who actually deserves to get the first seed. And the loser of the summer finals then has to face off against the winniner of the regional qualifier to fight for the second and third seed at worlds. Which again shows that making it to finals doesnt guarantee you 1st seed or 2nd seed. Splyce could have gotten the second seed at worlds by playing against Fnatic (who ended up 2nd place in the summer finals) in the regional qualifier. So non stop the worlds seeds are being contested, not given. _____ So like I said, this sounds exciting at a national level. The potential of an underdog last place team making it to the finals. But if that happens, worlds is over. If your best teams cant make it, then don't allow the opportunity of worse teams to make it to worlds, because it wont be pure skill or talent that gets them there, it's going to be a lucky streak. Dont expect to find teams get the SKT special "worlds buff". The way they can always make it to the LCK summer finals, and then show up big time at worlds. That happens because the organization has experience. NA doesn't have experience, they have money. And you have already proven since 2016 that buying talent wont increase an orgs experience. ______ Then you have the LPL, with the most amount of teams out of any esports scene. They got like "quadruple round robins", which makes teams repeat match ups multiple times, again assuring that the best teams are the best based on regular perfomance rather than luck streaks. And they get to play with LCK and other asian leagues non stop when they practice. EU has Turkey, which honestly it's just EU on less powerful steroids. But what does NA have? LLAN and CBLoL as next door neighbours. Sure CBLoL and LLAN get great practice, but Na doesn't, and that creates laziness with your imports. Sorry getting side-tracked. Anyway... ______ I could be 110% wrong about all of this. But the fact that there's a possibility for the worst team to make it to finals with no real competition, is concerning.
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