Worked soooo hard to avoid spoilers, thanks Rito... :( :( :(

So, this World's was almost really amazing for me. Lots of upsets, the west actually performed well, lots of variety in team comps and styles, etc. But there was also a downside... Lots of spoilers. After a couple mishaps, I turned dodging spoilers into an art form. I learned not to open the google app on my phone, be careful on the LoL boards, start every conversation with friends with "no spoilers!," I even had to avoid certain Discord channels. So, today, I almost made a mistake with the boards (but caught myself before I saw anything bad) and immediately after, wanting to avoid accidentally encountering something elsewhere, I decided just to go to lolesports and pull up the vod page... And what do I find covering almost the entire lolesports page when I get there? GIANT MASSIVE SPOILER TELLING ME WHO WON WORLD'S. This is seriously the most obvious thing in the world to me. Even places like reddit have things you can hide/click/opt-into in order to avoid spoilers. Hell, even the lolesport's vods section has things that hide matches (they even give you a friendly spoiler warning). But not the landing page from Rito where you almost have to go if you're going to view vods from their website. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea???

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