Anyone else finding this World very disapointing?

Most matches going 3-0, and pretty one sided. Sure, the group stage was fun, but god the bracket stage is horrible (not even one series got to 5 matches). Team abusing broken picks like {{champion:114}} and {{champion:223}} (Riot's fault). Poor jungle and support diversity overall (aside the rare niche picks). Double {{summoner:12}} is too dominant and suffocate pretty much any other strategy. The early game is now a farming chicken fest, since any aggression get punished heavily. {{champion:41}} and {{champion:82}} being perma baned reduce ban choices for red team especially. To top it off, Korea VS Korea finals... Sure, the most skilled teams deserve to advance, but I think Riot messed up big time by doing so many big champions changes just before Worlds. **Edit : Thanks for keeping the thread civilized for the most part, even if you don't agree with my opinion. I am reading all posts so keep sharing your thoughts!**
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