2v2 Friend or Foe Tournament, bring a friend and then turn on them for the prizemoney

Basically this is going to be your generic 2v2 tournament on the Howling Abyss, but with a twist. When you and your friend reach the top of your bracket and have beaten all the other duos, you enter a 1v1 and duke it out for the win. **Where:** * My TS3 (IP: TS.Elite-Gamers.Org) **When:** * This Thursday 05/21 at 7PM EST **Prizing** * Right now it will just be 10$ RP to the winner of each bracket. We are still testing this new type of tournament, if it gets support we will prize it much higher. Anyways if you guys like the idea, feel free to give it a bump. No registration, just be on our ts3 at that time or earlier.
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