Looking for something to do in League of Legends? Try Factions!

All skill levels are welcome. You can start or join a scored match anytime. Faction versus faction matches tied to a dynamic storyline. Factions is a community-powered League of Legends game mode in which Summoners declare for a faction, such as Noxus or Ionia, and fight matches using faction-specific Champion lists.
Looking for something new to try in League? Looking for something to do in League? Want to try a new Game-Mode made and run by the community? Interested in the Pre-Retcon Lore of the League? Then you should try [FACTIONS!](http://leaguefactions.net/) Factions is a cool way to test your skills, by not only limiting rosters, but also matching you with different and interesting people! It has a healthy community, dedicated staff, and it even has its own forums! We have featured matches at weekends, and every friday, we have Factions Friday! So come visit us, [in the ‘FACTIONS’ chat!](https://leaguefactions.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/joinchatbutton-marked.jpg?w=605)
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