Death Recap 2.0 Suggestion [including Example Layouts]

To prevent confusion: I've copied the thread from the other forums [NA]([EUW]( Now in Version **2.2** Recent Changes: v.2.2 **General:** * Removed "Show CC" Button. *This is now activated permanently.* * "Physical Damage", "Magical Damage" and "True Damage" returned as "P", "M" and "T". *Without using too much space this should bring back the advantages of having them.* * Mixed Damage is now sorted by amount of their respective values. * "Sum up Same" and "Sum up DoTs" Buttons have switched their places. In addition "Sum up DoTs" subordinated to "Sum up Same". If you activate "Sum up Same" you cannot deactivate "Sum up DoTs". But you can still have "Sum up DoTs" activated while "Sum up Same" is deactivated. *I can understand that those options seem to be almost the same. However the option to sum up only Damage over Time effects is still valueable because you can still differ between Basic Attacks and DoTs like Lizard Buff or Elder Lizard.* * DoTs have now their active time displayed as a second time value when "Sum up DoTs" is active in a Sorted by Time View. * *Additional Information: Hovering over a summarized DoT-Value will highlight the respective field and the corresponding field.* * Similiar to DoTs the active time of CC is now displayed as two time values (in a Sorted by Time View). *Many CCs have different duration with their ranks. Thus I included additional timestamps for them as well. However they don't receive a second field for the end. Maybe I have to come up with another solution. Longer words like "Silence" or "Knocked Up" can cause overlapping in the champion View.* * Minions are now summarized by default. *The huge amount of single hits have the possibility to destroy this Death Recap in terms of straightforwardness.* **Champion View:** * Total Damage per Champion is now listed vertically and sorted by amount. *This should improve the readability of this section.* **Timeline View:** * The Timeline View is now locked in "Sort Damage by: Time" * The Sections of the Timeline View are now distributed equally over the width of the window. * The killing blow will never be summarized. (only in Timeline View) *Sometimes a minion or a DoT will kill you. Thus even with the activated "Sum up Same" and "Sum up DoTs" the killing blow will be displayed as a single hit.* The Death Recap has always been a useful and important tool for ingame analyzing. However the recap is currently outdated (and was always, sadly). Aside the fact that the reset timer bugs most of the time the amount of data is very limited. 3 rows and 3 columns aren't even close enough. Especially when the amount of damage done is almost equal of each champion. Thus I decided to make a suggestion for a new recap. To address the **problems with the space** I started to remove the words "Physical Damage" and "Magic Damage" which were always wrote next to the amount of damage dealt. Those words consume almost 40% of the total space. Thus I removed them. Currently physical, magical and true damage all have their own colors in the recap. Why do we have to wrote them within the recap? It is possible that new players won't assign the colors to the respective damage types. Thus I included he "Total Damage Overview". Basically it is the same as the overview which is currently ingame but now with more details. Additionally, for less mental arithmetic, I added total damage values for each champions. The tips against the champions were removed and will possibly be available through tooltips or are removed completely. Another possible option are individual tooltips for each ablity, allowing new players to learn specific abilities faster. In addition the abilities should have a tooltip which is the same to the players ability tooltip who used that ability. The next **important thing is the time**. In many situations I don't realize what exactly killed me because either the projectile was invisible, the damage was dealt over time or the screen was too flashy. Thus I included timestamps to visualize the impact of damage. To evolve this furthermore I added another layout which is sorted by time. While speaking of time, there are two **situations where is no time to look into the death recap**: a) in the early game with fast respawn timer and b) when I didn't die. Especially with the new layout and new informations there is a possibility that the people can't look fast enough through the death recap. **Thus I suggest that the death recap is always available.** Furthermore it should be renamed into "Damage Recap" and be accessible through a button (similar to the scoreboard). *Default View* *Detailed View sorted by Time* *Timeline View* *Timeline View with DoTs summed up* List of stuff that is different from the old recap: * Recap is divided into 5 columns. If more sources participated their columns will be accessible via a scroll bar at the bottom of the recap. * Added Total Damage overview (also for each champion) * Information "How to counteract against champions" moved into tooltips. * Timestamps were been added. (The white number with the format "ss.00". * The recap is switchable between two layouts (Damage by champions and damage by time). * Damage shielded is now visualized through numbers in brackets. * Damage Recap is available while alive. The amount of time which is displayed in the damage recap should be calculated like this: Every time a champion receives damage a reset-timer restarts. After (5 seconds + 1 second for each 20% HP missed) the timer ends and the damage recap is stopped. The next damage source will delete the whole recap and start a fresh one. Casting "Recall" will stop the timer. Finishing "Recall" will immediately end the timer and the recap. Cancelling "Recall" will continue the timer. Maybe you guys also have some ideas what can be improved in addition to everything I addressed here. Zanryu **Edit 1**: Something I have forgotten: With the evolution around replays and shoutcasting I would also suggest to make the death recap available for replay watcher and live shoutcaster. Appendix: It makes me feel glad to see that everybody want this design and support this thread. **Edit 2**: Various Comments which also could be included: >Thinks_Too_Logically via reddit: Another consideration: removing the "magical" and "physical" words from the damage numbers can negatively impact colorblind people. There's probably a way to solve this through font changes based on type of damage or colorblind mode impacting the death recap UI. ** Edit 3**: Update to version 2.1 This is something that hit me a moment ago. I've read in the comments that some people wished for the switch between the old recap and the new one. I thought a bit on this and thus I included the "Sum up Same" button which will sum up everything that is the same, obviously. With this everybody can manage their view of the recap personally. In addition I added the bottom scrollbar if more than 5 sources are present. Lastly I made a second picture which will show the default view which you will see on your first death. Surely, preferences will be saved through multiple deaths and sessions. **Edit 4**: We got a Red Post! FeralPony dropped down to leave some feedback <3. [EUW Link]( **Edit 5**: Update to version 2.2 I took some feedback and worked it into the new version. **Older Changes:** v.2.1 - New "Sum up Same" Button. *With it and in combination with the "Sum up DoTs" Button you can "simulate" the current version of the death recap.* The old versions remain as additional attachments.
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