[Reworked][Champion Concept] Alicia, the Two-Face

***Lore: *** "There is a valley, just on the sandy edge of the Tempest Flats. It is said that a powerful witch lives there at the very bottom—all by herself, but never alone. It is said that she commands the powerful magics that circle and batter this place. She transforms the energies into semi-living souls, trapping them inside weapons of war. The witch has kept to herself for many long decades. That is, until a few years ago, when she abruptly stopped, to continue her devilish plan. Leaving the valley in the middle of the night, *Alicia Klaus* shambled across the desert and into the neighbouring realms. She torments and terrifies all who look upon her with her wickedly crooked smile. The next known whereabouts of Alicia was, when she deceived her identity to allow herself in the participation of Noxus’ former political and social group called ‘*Grey Order*’. Alicia, who since then was called *Amoline, the Shadow Witch*, everytime felt more and more alive as never before for every continuing moment of her intrigue. In the end, she exploited her former partner ‘*Gregori Hastur, the Gray Warlock*’ in order to give birth to a child that would’ve been her heritage to the world, when she’ll once disappear from the world, only chaos and disorder leaving behind. After the birth to the child of Alicia alias Amoline, she stayed on the side of her partner for the excuse of the child’s sake. The child became powerful, maybe even more powerful than Alicia was at that time. One day the child summoned a *Bear* that acted as her friend, but subliminally manifested the child’s uncertainty of Alicia’s motives. Alicia was blocked from her own child whenever she tried to get through to her – until she ousted her feelings and came to the point where she wanted to continue her plans to create chaos in Runeterra. Alicia left her partner and her child in order to disorder, to create chaos in the world she lived for decades until now." *“Beware the Witch that not only deceives your eyes, but also your very own feelings” – Le Blanc, the Deceiver* ***Appearance: *** Alicia looks for her age pretty young, but still looks like ~35 years old. Alicia Klaus has black and long hair, she's an average tall woman and elegantly moves. Her weapon is a "Hextech Staff" that works with both magic as well with the semi-living souls alias Animas she uses, to actually compensate her lack of power regeneration. When Anima is active, the Hextech-Staff shoots long range projectiles - and if Anima is empty, the Hextech-Staff shoots a dark wave in a very small cone and deals damage within. I've made a picture of Alicia and her Hextech-Staff, but apparently my drawing skills are beneath -9000 ... so they suck pretty hard. I'll post those of mine and then the pictures of which I was inspired off (For those who can't stand without a real picture). ***My Pictures:*** Alicia http://halfsteps-neverworld.deviantart.com/art/Alicia-Klaus-the-Two-Face-437975970 Staff http://halfsteps-neverworld.deviantart.com/art/Alicia-Klaus-Hextech-Staff-438042021?ga_submit_new=10%253A1393886271 Inspirations: Face http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/317/3/5/3521584e7439e88645136c9aedc595ed-d3hqu6c.jpg Staff http://www.deviantart.com/art/Skull-Harley-203162793 ***Stats:*** Health 380 (+80) Attack damage 47 (+3.3) Health regen. 6 (+0.45) Attack speed 0.625 (+2.9%) Armor 10 (+3.8) Magic res. 30 (+0) Range 550/370 (Ranged) Mov. speed 330 ***Abilities:*** Foreword: Alicia is a Mage, but can also be played as a Magical Marksman. She has some utility, but is prioritized in short bursts with situational long range. The most fearsome ability of Alicia, is her Ultimate. Nowadays there are some teams who run for extremely high mobility Champions, like recently in the LCS. Sivir is one of the most picked Champion, because she can speed up her team insanely and offer a fast takeover with atleast two bruisers. Alicia's Ultimate will deny the movement speed bonus, that means that she can shortly disable the most important part of enemy team compositions, if they go for high mobility. However, it's not a slow nor does it stop the enemy team, it's just giving time for the own team to react to the enemy team's movements. * ***Resource: *** Alicia's abilities have no cost related to them and their use is limited only by cooldowns. Instead, she uses her secondary resource bar to display her unique mechanic: Anima. Alicia can have up to 4 Animas in her Staff stored. Whenever Alicia kills a enemy unit, she receives one Anima. When Animas fall to zero, all of her basic abilities become unable to execute and instead are replaced with one single ability, to regain Animas with it. * ***Passive*** - ***"Hextechnomancy":***: If a basic ability (*including basic attack enhancer*) hits a enemy target, the enemy receives a debuff that increases the damage of the next basic attack or Ultimate by 5%/7%/10% (1/8/14 level). This stacks up to three times for each 3.5 seconds, but multiple stacks can only be used on one target at once. * ***Q,W,E (If Anima falls to 0; This ability can be activated with Q, W or E and share all the same cooldown) - "Collector's Greed":*** Alicia forces the souls of enemy units in a 450 unit range cone to leave their bodies, deals *90/115/135/155/180 (+35% Bonus AD)(+25% AP) magical damage over 2.5 seconds* and fills her Anima-Bar for each enemy unit hit. If a enemy unit is hit while being under crowd control (Slow, Stun, Silence, Snare, ecetera) the damage is increased by *5%/8%/11%/14%/17%*. **Cooldown:** 18/16.5/14.5/12/10 * *** Q - "Hexaforce":*** Alicia uses her Hextech-Staff's alternate weapon. Within the next 3.5 seconds, Alicia's next basic attack deals bonus 10%/15%/20%/25%/30% of her AP as magic damage in a 550 range cone in front of her and silences all foes affected for .5 seconds, the damage done heals Alicia for the same percentage as her current missing health %. **Anima Cost:** 1 **Cooldown:** 15.5/13.5/11.5/9.5/7 * ***W - "Animania":***: Alicia charges all of her Animas and for each used Anima, she shoots her anima-shells at once on a target as a 650 skillshot. When hit, each of the Animas will seek for enemy Champions nearby the primary target. If successfull, everyone affected will be stunned for .7/.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds. **Anima Cost:** All Animas **Cooldown:** 17/15.5/14/12.5/10 * ***E - "Infernaphobia":*** Upon activation, Alicia dashes engulfed in a dark infernal dome 350 range forwards. Alicia becomes untargetable for 0.5 seconds when engulfed in the dark infernal dome. If Alicia collides with a enemy unit, she'll deal on arrival 65/85/105/130/160 (+80% AP) magic damage 350 range nearby. If Alicia collisions with a enemy unit during her dashes, she will be unable to use Infernaphobia for 3.5seconds again. Alicia gains a new charge of "Infernaphobia" periodically (this reload time is reduced by cooldown reduction) and can hold up to 3 charges at once. **Anima Cost:** 1 for each dash **Cooldown:** 1 **Charge Reload Time:** 16/15/14/13/12 seconds * ***R - "Animatter":*** Alicia prepares a very special and magically infused Anima into her Staff and shoots in a 700 range long and 250 range wide one projectile. If it hits a enemy Champion or at the end of the path, there begins a dark implosion to arise. Enemies 550 range nearby the "Animatter" will get their movement speed bonuses denied (Runes, Masteries, Boots, Buffs) and after 2.5 seconds, everyone nearby will be damaged by 250/300/350 (+40% Bonus AD)(+45% AP)(+50% of the movement speed bonus denied) as magic damage. This ability can be recast to deal earlier damage. **Cooldown: 90/85/75** ***Personal Opinion:*** Alicia has definitely pros and contras. **First the pros:** Alicia excels at poking, but also at short bursts; Alicia can situationally use her dashes to avoid battle or jump straight into it to deal tons of damage; Her Ultimate absolutely shreds the power of enemy teams who are based on high movement speed - and if not, early recast will deal huge damage; **Contras:** Her Passive has little to no impact, except that it helps her drastically to compensate her resource; Once she fails her Zero-Anima-Ability, she cannot refill her Anima except by killing enemy units; Alicia's two most important abilities are based on skillshots, which can let her fall behind if played bad; If her Ultimate is used only to slow down the enemy, the enemy will escape sooner or later before Alicia can recast to deal damage, so timing is very important; **Tactics:** Alicia's abilities synchronize very well to each other and can offer individual situational use, depending on the strategy and the current situation. *For example:* **To start a fight 1v1 =** Alicia uses two dashes to come closer and deals on arrival damage - she then has 2 of 4 Animas left - she activates Q to preserve one Anima and uses her W to stun the opponent and deal damage with her Passive. **To start a teamfight 5v5 =** Alicia uses all of her 4 Animas and stuns 4 enemies with her W. She then uses her Q,W,E replacement ability to regain 4 Animas back. She then situationally dash and avoid damage, or deal more damage. Her Ultimate can also be used to stop the enemies from fleeing. **Raw Quotes:** - If Annie is near, Alicia says: "Hey little girl, you've grown up"; "I wish you had inherited everything from me - your father is a bad influence at all" - If Annie is near Alicia, Annie says: "Mummy!"; "Wanna see Tibbers? He's SOOOO big! Hihi" ***Special Event:*** >Whenever Alicia and Gregori or Gregori and Zoey appears on both enemy teams, the first kill against the enemy Gregori, Alicia or Zoey, will unlock a specific new item that can be bought for 1000 gold and will be consumed instantly. > (Alicia) Witch's Proud - Alicia's basic attacks now deals 20% of her total AP. > (Gregori) Necromancer's Staff - Gregori's passive now also heals him afterwards for 2.5 seconds for about 30% of the damage done against Monsters, Minions and Champions. > (Zoey) Arcane Majoris' Gloves - Zoey's ability power is increased by 1 for each 1% current Magicka Infinita.
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