Help me with this :)

So I am making fanart, but before I do, I need to find which champion BEST corresponds with which each element. I want you to tell me which champion would best fit for the element and why. Please help. :) Thunder: Kennen, Ryze, Volibear, Xerath Fire: Annie, Brand Earth: Malphite (I think he'd be the only one) Ice: Anivia, Ashe, Braum, Lissandra, Nunu, Sejuani, Trundle Water: Fizz, Nami, Nautilus Wind: Janna, Yasuo Darkness: Elise, Evelynn, Fiddlesticks?, Hecarim, Karthus, Malzahar?, Morgana, Nocturne, Shaco?, Sion, Syndra, Thresh, Yorick, Zed? (so many :(...) Light: Kayle, Leona, Lux
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