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Greetings, summoners! Like many of you, I try to read guides and review my losses in an attempt to improve my game. One thing I've very much wanted to see in my games is filtered match stats over time. For instance: - Lane-by-lane breakdowns of CS and gold income for the game - CS breakdown for my bot lane versus the enemy bot lane for the first 10 minutes of the game - My gold income versus my lane opponent's income from 15 minutes on I've found some web sites (including the official Match History pages) that give a lot of solid information, but it's generally of the "end game total" variety. I've started building a site that provides the sort of analysis I was looking for, and I hope some of you might find it useful: Main site: Example stat page for a recently featured match: If this sort of stat visualization sounds useful and/or interesting to you, please have a peek. There are definitely some rough edges, and the functionality is fairly limited at this point. However, the following features are live and working reasonably well: - View graphs of team advantage and champion performance over time for Creep Score or Gold Income - Focus on specific champions by clicking their names - Filter graphs by lane assignment (as detected by the game client - this can get wonky in some games with early invades) - Click and drag inside the team advantage graph to zoom in on a specific section of game time If you have any questions/comments or encounter issues while using the site, please either contact me here or at Thanks, and good luck on the fields! Note: If this functionality already exists elsewhere, please tell me I'm wasting my time :). Especially if it's already been done better!
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