The 6 Best Song Parodies from the League Community

Arranged in a nearly-scientific fashion according to YouTube views, you can totally invalidate this article within minutes if you spam watch the first two clips on this list. But you'll still probably watch the videos at the bottom, too. It'll all even out. There is a fed Teemo's gold stash worth of holy-shit-did-I-just-hear-that talent to be mined from YouTube. We picked six. **6) "YORDLE'S PARADISE" BY RAWBO08, visix, DISSIDIUS, The Popushi, AntiRivet, THE YORDLES, 450k VIEWS** Life’s undoubtably tough for the little guys. Spending days shrooming, kabooming, or...we ran out of “oomings.” Clocking in just a short way from 500,000 views, the allstar cast of lyricists looms (damnit, there’s one) over the track with their interpretation of a Bandle City beatdown. >*Sample lyrics:* >*"You know I dunk hard/parts from the junkyard/* >*Tiny titan equalizing/fights with my trump card/"* **5) "DO YOU WANT TO GIVE ME BLUE BUFF" BY LILYPICHU, 680K VIEWS** Combine tinkling pianos, long emo-as-hell silences, and Lilypichu's spritely innocence and you end up with a classic League of Legends parody. Try not to get misty-eyed. Amumu does need his blue buffs, just like Elsa needed…an ice castle, a giant murderous snowman? You know what, we're not sure. Moving on. >*Sample lyrics:* >*"Do you want to give me blue buff?/Come on let's go and play./You never gank mid* >*anymore,/you're such a bore,/it's like you're afk"* **4) "RIFT SHOP" BY PlayerPOV, COLLECTIVE, SONNY PSYDUP and MORE, 1.5 MILLION VIEWS** Seeing the words, "Recalling in and shoppin' quick/About to get some compliments/Start thinkin' like an optimist/Because I'm headin' top again," is nothing at all like hearing them over the interminable Macklemore and Lewis summer singalong karaoke favorite. >*Sample lyrics:* >*"I'm gonna pop your flash,/only got twenty seconds til my ult's up./Ooh, I'm hunting./* >*Running up and stun 'em,/I'm so freakin' awesome."* **3) "PILTOVER VS ZAUN (THE WAR II)" BY FALCONSHIELD, AntiRivet, LILYPICHU, BADMINISTRATOR, LUNITY, STEPHANOS REX, with a special appearance from NICKI TAYLOR, 2.2 MILLION VIEWS** There's a lot to listen for in this massive, star-spangled collaboration that resembles "Epic Rap Battles of History" in all of the best ways. With a half-dozen or more unique styles that all seem to nail each champion's voice, whichever faction you're a fan of, you'll find a verse worth hooking. >*Sample lyrics:* >*"You lay on ground/Broken to pieces/Going too ham?/Mundo goes where he pleases"* **2) "GET LP" BY INSTALOK, 5.1 MILLION VIEWS** Daft Punk’s infectious "Get Lucky" probably won a whole bunch of Grammy's. It might not have. But the Instalok version has nearly cracked five million hits on YouTube, and it reminds all of us that it's ok to let the support carry. >*Sample lyrics:* >*"She's in the bush throwing stuns/I'm farming he's getting none/This game is already won/I'm up all night to get LP"* **1) "WHAT DOES TEEMO SAY?" BY INSTALOK, 6.9 MILLION VIEWS** Runeterra's most hateloved Yordle is given a voice in this easily ten-hourified take on Ylvis' "What Does The Fox Say?" While listening to the ten-hour version is not an activity endorsed by Lists of Legends, this track does earn top marks by virtue of its inescapability and, also, nearly seven million views on YouTube. >*Sample lyrics:* >*"Nasus goes woof./Rengar goes meow./Valor goes tweet, and Twitch goes squeak./* >*Alistar moos. Tibbers goes roar. And the Hecarim goes neigh./Warwick says howl./ * >*Nami goes blub./And the urf goes urf urf urf./But there's one champ/everyone hates./* >*What's Teemo say?!"* ***Lists of Legends explore the best community creations, epic stories and moments around the game. Sadly, they are unlikely to contain original tracks with a hundredth the lyrical brilliance of the tracks in this article. Seriously. Nami goes "blub"? She probably does, doesn't she? You can't shake it. Let us know what other hooks you have stuck in your head in the discussion below.***
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