[Lore Leak] Custom Champion - "Jeffen, the Bard of the Void"

* This is a Work in Progress. Please help me to improve the Lore for the upcoming Champion Concept Reveal of Jeffen. * This Champion named Jeffen was once my very second Champion Concept about more than 1 year ago, which I plan to completely rework. * Jeffen Hanu is a tribute to the +40-year old Jeff Hanuman who was in the Band "Slayer" and recently died to cancer. * Jeffen's playstyle could be told in two words "Music destroys". He'll be solely based on dealing physical damage as fighter plus optional use of magic damage with a tricky and nice mechanic. His weapon will be most likely a Guitar/Lute which has a secondary mechanical implemented weapon, a scythe that can be clapped open to build a great scythe. * If you have read the Lore, then yes, I meant in that way. Sadly, there is nothing else said about Orianna except that she "just died", so I thought I could make a nice twist between Jeffen and her, because the Orianna we know is a copy and this relationship could offer some desperate and in-depth moments that we could need in League of Legends. * Yes, Jeffen is possessed by the Void, but unlike Malzahar, he's more human than Void. He takes this in advantage - his feelings are extremely strong and that makes him more human than Void. "Jeffen Hanu was born and lived on the edge of the sandy and yellow ocean, where Nomads call their home Shurima Desert. Jeffen Hanu's previous life was not precious and neither worthless, but he hadn't either a meaning of life. His family and his dearest friends were the ones who told him to marry in young years, but he was disgusted by the ideal of a marriage without love - and so Jeffen took his lute and sauntered across Valoran and its most amusing and entertaining taverns, looking for the right time and day. On one evening, Jeffen was almost dead-drunk, only his fingers were working on his lute while his posture was almost painful to watch. The underskinker in person threw Jeffen out of the tavern, for playing music that caused his guests bleeding ears. Jeffen stood up with shaking knees and then he saw her, a beautiful maiden who was dancing in the shine of the moonlight in the alley of Piltover. It might be the drunken Jeffen who saw a imagination of his possible true love, but he felt almost fallen in love. Orianna was surprised and in the same time afraid of Jeffen Hanu's appearance, he smelled like hundreds of dead rats together - though she had to see once in his eyes to know that he was a good man, and so they have spent the whole night to introduce themselves. In the next morning, the Maiden decided to travel with Jeffen, and so their love was bigger and bigger for each day and evening in every tavern around Valoran, when Jeffen played music and Orianna danced for entertainment. Until the day arrived, when Orianna was kidnapped when Jeffen's eyes were deceived by alcohol and his music. Jeffen didn't noticed Orianna was left, but when he finally realized it - it was too late. Orianna died in that night, when bandits took her against her will and stole money and life on that day. Jeffen found the corpse of Orianna damaged, but her beauty was still untouched. Jeffen brought her to her father and apologized to him thousand times, but her father Corin Reveck was muted by nothing else than the feeling of losing the only thing that has held him in this world. So Jeffen's feeling was when he decided to take revenge upon these who killed Orianna, but not always does a plan work like assumed, because without preparation he was caught by the group of bandits. Not enough that Jeffen was not granted the wish to truly burst out of hatred and sadness about his loss, the bandits did not allow him to end his life and his pain by killing him. The bandits carried Jeffen to a group called "Cult of the Void" who relentlessly and recklessly sacrifices people into the void for their belief and pays everyone for it. Jeffen was sent inside in hope he might feed the Void with his strong feelings - but shortly after the sacrifice of him, he came back and caught the bandits offguard. Jeffen appeared with a scream that almost sounded like music and a unbearable hatred overcame the bodies of his listeners - the next thing known is when Jeffen dragged the dead bodies of the bandits and members of the cult of the void, and was feeding his enormous six-headed hydra with them." "She was mine forever, until I lost her.. My feelings will not stop me - No, they will lead me to guide this world into the depths of the Void" - Jeffen, the Bard of the Void
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