How's this for a take on Jax?

Nyroth Update 3: Not Your Hero
Previous Update: Time To Troll Not Your Hero by CupcakeTrap High Councilor Kolminye struck her gavel, interrupting the undead delegate of the Shadow Isles mid-sentence. "Summoner, your time has elapsed. This Council now recognizes Nami, Champion of the League of Legends." Nami took the podium and faced the gallery. There's been a lot of community discussion about Jax and his mysterious past: Is he Darkin? Just a random merc who got an extra dose of whatever turns people into Champions? Something else? Well, in a recent Factions storyline, Bilgewater's Summoners decided to use the political capital they'd earned through their victories in matches to recruit Jax for their roster, and so I had to come up with something for him. I was inspired by **[some recent conversations the lore community had about him and his possible backstories.](** I'd be curious to know what you think. Link: **[Not Your Hero](** Obviously, I'd also like to hear what people think about this portrayal of Nami, but I feel that the lore community is more clear about her: she's a Champion of the Marai seeking a way to save her people from the monsters that roam the depths, and exploring the world of the "landwalkers" as part of that first quest. I don't think I strayed too far from what people expect from Nami. (The trickiest bit there was balancing her outward naivete with her inner strength; in the first part of the story, I think she's playing up the former in order to win over the somewhat hostile crowd.) In contrast, Jax could be written in several quite distinct ways.
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