Fan Artist Feature - Androoly

In this feature we’re speaking with Androoly, a detail oriented artist from Vancouver, Canada with a soft spot for Thresh, and a number of awesome League cosplays.

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How did you get started as a League of Legends cosplayer?

My interest was peaked when my brother and his girlfriend showed me Summoner's Showcase before the actual game. I never did submit anything and ended up playing the game anyway... for "research" purposes, and in the same year we ended up going to our first PAX Prime ever. Funny story, I was backstage for the RIOT cosplay showcase and Brandon 'Ryze' Beck came down to say hi and to thank the cosplayers, and I innocently asked who that was. Pretty embarrassing, haha.

Blood Moon Akali by Ericah - Photo by Frozenrain

What's been your favorite project to work on, and why?

Headhunter Master Yi hands down. That costume had me working with so many foreign materials (Thermoplastics, foam, paper clay, pvc, electronics, etc) and I learned so much from that project.

Jarvan IV by Chromacy - Photo by Krimchii

I received a lot of positive feedback in which allowed me the opportunity to meet some amazing people who share the same interests. I say this because I'm naturally a reserved person and it allowed me to break out of my shell a bit and feel more comfortable.
Blood Moon Kalista/Thresh by Puppichu - Karma by Elehal - Riven by Shoop cosplay
Photo by Rale Photography

What does your creative process look like? Any advice or tips?

Like following a recipe, you gather your ingredients and equipment and read the entire recipe before proceeding. Shortcuts seem appealing at first, but if you value your eyeballs for example, I recommend you wear safety goggles. Safety is a must!!!

My method goes like this:

  1. Choose anything and gather reference pictures
  2. Research and brainstorm ideas
  3. Sketch out plans and take measurements
  4. List and source materials + equipment
  5. Just start crafting. Any part you like

Do you have any favorite League content creators or artists that inspire you?

I draw inspiration from too many places to list but for League cosplay inspirations, Missyeru, Brittthebadger, and 4 Itchy tasty! Cosplay because they really take their craft to the next level. When I first looked into league cosplay, theirs stood out to me the most. Just take a look and you'll see what I mean!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the community

Cosplay means something different for everyone. Whether you just want to create like Heimerdinger, be confident and badass like Vi, or just love the attention like DRAAAAVEN, we are all just perusing what makes us happy. Be genuine, be passionate, be open to learning and you will improve your skills and attract like-minded people.

Photo by The Will Box
Photo by Brent White
Photo by David Ngo

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