The Grand Heist of Zaun

#EDIT: For whatever reason the post is broken and deleted the cover. I can't replace the title thing so have the post in the actual page. Damn Imgur. [Download it here!]( (Dropbox file) _ “I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t expect your forgiveness, not after how –I- ended things, but I want to know if you still have your old dream?”_ > “Still, I must ask what’s in it for me?" > “The hell do you mean!? You’re helping us CATCH THE MOST WANTED MAN IN THE WORLD and compensation is all that’s on your mind!? Seriously, what is wrong with you!?” _“Yes, yes I still have those dreams about the perfect Zaun...why? I can’t do anything, I don’t have the funds for anything of the sort.“_ >“If you care about reason, then LISTEN TO MY REASON!" >“Already this is getting out of hand, Creator,” _“What if I knew about something? What if we had one final theft that would keep us set for life? What if you gave me the chance to make your dream come true? To fix everything I had done? _ >“NOBODY TAKES MUNDO’S POWER AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! NOBODY!" >“What did I tell you about trusting Zaunites? You would have been better off giving it to a toddler for safe keeping.” _One last..._ >“DON’T…” _grand..._ > “YOU DARE…” _ heist?”_ >“TOUCH HER!” #What is this? "Grand Heist of Zaun" is a league fan-fic novel I've been on-and off working on for the past few months. If I had to classify it as a genre or story type, it's a bit of action-fantasy with lighthearted romance and maybe a teensy bit of suspense. #How long is it? It's about 274 Pages and 116k words. Nothing too enormous. #Ok who is that? To facilitate the story and actually tell the story I wanted to, I had to make some original characters. Sorry, not sorry. #Who did the cover? [**Besteau **](! She worked super hard on it and I sincerely hope you guys give her the praise she deserves. #I found an error. I'd expect that. I self-edited and there are likely errors within it. Just let me know and I'll fix it for future edits/releases. #I have a question/comment but I think it's a spoiler. Message me in-game or on [twitter!]( #Will there be more? I have plans for future...well, book-fan fics but IDK if this will even take off. So if you want more, the best thing you can do is tell me you like it, upvote it, share it with friends, whatever have you.
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