Show us your best champion impressions!

What happens when you ask the League community to share their best champion impressions? You get a group of Demacian doppelgangers that would make LeBlanc jealous! Check out some of our favorites below, and be sure to post your champion impressions in the comments if you want to join the fun. 1. Reset denied! **Vine by [League Boy ](** 2. “Annie MIA, flash-Tibbers up” **Vine by [TheBlackLuffy](** 3. Looks like Shurima's legendary emperor found a new job **Vine by [Blackinola](** 4. Right before Ziggs ults your entire team **Vine by [Joey Luthman](** 5. Scream along if you know the words! **Vine by [Arisa Cosplay](** 6. Annie’s ult must be on cooldown **Vine by [GamerGrill](** 7. Never underestimate the power of a thousand death shrooms in every brush **Vine by [Kaitlyn Zast-uh What?](** 8. To fight for justice in the name of Demaciaaaaaa! **Vine by [MIKANA](** 9. Report Lulu for ulting a poro :( **Vine by [Faye ](**
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