Cosplayers spotted in the wild! Looks like a bunch of talented League cosplayers were spotted at the 2015 Anime Expo! Check out this great compilation video posted by [MLZ Studios](, and see the links below to learn more about the cosplayers featured. Cosplayers: [Jessica Nigri (Veigar)]( [Shroomu (Lulu)]( [Meagan Cosplay (Gnar)]( [Lyz Brickley Cosplay (Firecracker Jinx)]( [Kaduout (Ekko)]( [Missyeru (Diana)]( [Kohalu Cosplay (Morgana)]( [Krooked Kev Cosplay (Diana)]( [Yashafluff (Ahri)]( [Hexgirl (Battlebunny Caitlyn)]( [Akemi (Vi)]( [Lilith Phaedra (Caitlyn)]( [Yumeiko (Rococo Orianna)]( [Thien Cosplay (Riot Graves)](
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