Share Your Best URF Moments

U.R.F. may be over, but our favorite manatee’s spirit remains in our memories. And by memories, we mean internet videos with airhorns and stuff. Check out some of our favorites below (don’t forget to unmute the Vines by clicking the bottom right corner!), and tell us about *your* best URF moments and epic plays in the comments. 1. Can't killean the Zilean **Video by [Kshaway](** 2. What would Lustboy do? **Vine by [League Boy](** 3. Who needs Teleport, anyway? **Video by [ThePeacePigeon](; Vine by [The Best Bard](** 4. A magical journey indeed... **Vine by [League Boy](** 5. When Urf visits his hometown **Vine by [Blake of Legends]( )** 6. U.R.F. theme remix? **Vine by [Inxanity]( )** 7. MLG 360 Ashe Noscope **Video by [LoLHowTo](** 8. We’ve all been there... **Video by [ROBERTxLEE](** 9. Two words you’d never think you’d see **Video by [yeahramie](** 10. Welcome to Hook City **Video by [Vandiril](** 11. Why this manatee look like he’s about to drop the most fire album of 2015 **Video by [blakinola](**
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