Quinn needs some love! Classic Quinn cosplay progress.

Hello everyone! {{champion:133}} Quinn was one of the champions I knew that at her release, I just **had ** to have her. I haven't given her the attention she deserves in-game, but after cosplaying a few of my favorite video game ladies I've decided to work on Quinn next. Here is the cape so far. Thanks to all the Halloween costume stores out there I've also found a teal-colored morph suit to use as the under-layer. I'm a bit OCD when it comes to detail so I'm digging my own grave here trying to work on all the details (I bet you didn't see that she has wing-shaped clips on the sides of her legs, or that she has a small square pouch hanging off her quiver), and plan on working on this a bit slowly in my free time...but any tips or feedback would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks for readin'!
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