[Bug] Roster Swapping Post-Patch

Hey all, I've had some issues swapping flex picks since the EU Lockout earlier this week. When I try to swap certain players in my flex/alt positions, I drop the guy on my current roster- but the free agent does not get added my roster. An "Internal Server Error" also pops up during the swap. This consistently happens when I try to swap for a free agent that someone else dropped from their roster. I've attached an album below. [(http://imgur.com/a/DkLEB/all)] Here, I try to swap TSM for C9 in the free agent roster. TSM drops, but C9 is not added. Both are still in the free agent pool. I can add TSM again afterwards since I have an open team slot, but trying to add C9 returns the Internal Server Error again. Anyone else run into this issue? Is there a fix? (Might be important to note that my Week 1 roster somehow overloaded. I had 2 extra players during Week 1)
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