Please balance NA vs EU scoring

Riot, Can you adjust Fantasy LCS scoring to account for the devaluing of EU players due to the new EU format? Since EU players sometimes only play once a week, their value is way lower than NA players. When we draft a high-tier EU player, we must also plan to draft a lower-tier NA player to substitute when the EU player only has one match. Accordingly, it doesn't make sense for us to pick up EU players until late in the draft. Yesterday, Perkz was still available during the fifth round of a 6-man league. Perkz! In the fifth round! S-tier EU players are being treated as B-tier. This may add complexity to drafting, but it also makes Fantasy LCS a shallower experience by limiting pick options and strategies. We must now use our Alternative slots to hold NA subs for every EU player we drafted, instead of using those slots for sleeper picks (or for any other strategy). Last year, you balanced the NA (bo3 format) and EU (2-game format) regions by saying only the first two NA games would count. Why didn't you balance the regions this year? A simple solution would be to use "average points" instead of "total points" in a given week. If Bjergsen got 100 points over 5 games in a week, he actually gets 20 points. If Perkz got 40 points over 2 games in a week, he also gets 20 points. This would avoid the mess of who-played-more-games and would result in both regions being treated equally.
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