Fantasy Could Be Better

So I'd really like for a Riot employee to explain to me why they do not care about their fantasy Site! Don't waste my time and say they do when they have proven over and over they do not for example: #1 First week Fox and CG points are still not fixed! It doesn't take that long. #2 Where are your roster updates every week. Get your asses in gear and start caring. You have people on ESPN watching these games and playing Fantasy. Do you think they like that you dont know who to play week to week because of your lack of care and info? (Rhetorical) the answer is no! #3 Roster trades Meteos for Anda, yes you may have covered this a little but did you on the Fantasy site. No seen it on ESPN! Looks like ESPN cares more about your games fantasy than you do! If Someone from Riot could please get back with me on this I'd appreciate it! If you can't get on this and start caring Hire me, I'll fix it and show people that Riot do care about their fantasy Summoners! If you won't hire me at least talk to ESPN and give them the site because they will take care of it properly!
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