Recruiting High Elo Team ( OmegaClass of Wilds Hybrid )

OmegaClass Registration Form
This form is for those interested in playing with High-Class Elo (Platinum, Diamond, Challenger + ). This is for the new update expansion of WILDS HYBRID. ( AlphaClass & OmegaClass) REQUIREMENTS: - You must participate on a Weekly Scrim.
Hi There, My name is Luna (LunAlpha - League NA). I am the CEO of Wilds Hybrids and I am currently recruiting the high-elo team for a Jungler & Mid lane. 1. You must be a Plat or a Diamond Elo. 2. No smurfing. The team is in desperate need of people willing to practice together and be involve in Scrims, tournaments & challenges. Well, summoner I wish you the best of luck. CEO/Leader; LunAlpha

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