Since there is no pick'em or fantasy league we made our own !

Hey guys ! It's no pick'ems but with a friend since we wanted just that we made a small fan website that allows you to predict for free on all official LoL tournaments ! (We are not partnered with Riot but they know us and are cool with us so far ^ ^ ) It allows you to : - Predict every official LoL tournaments (And have dedicated leaderboards for each) - Invite and challenge friends in a dedicated room - Predict live events during games (firstblood, first drake etc.) Feel free to check it out and we would love feedback ! :) (ofc everything is free !) Nb: If this Post is against the rules i'll remove it but last year admins told me it was fine to post it since it's in line with Riot guidelines ! I could provide proof for admins if needed :) )

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