Kryptic LF Competitive Players

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Are you interested in joining a competitive team but don't know how to get started? At Kryptic we offer players a chance to get experience playing in formatted Leagues and understand the benefits of being in a team. Our coaches strive to enhance synergy and mechanics while helping you improve in solo queue. However, playing in a team means commitment. You have to be there for the team practices, for the games, and for the coaching sessions. It is your job to make sure you are there representing your team as well as the server. If you are interested in joining a team, or even coaching one, please come and join our server. We are always looking for new and hungry talent to take the stage! Here's a sneak peek to what our content and teams look like! **_Be Brave ā€¢ Be Courageous ā€¢ Be Victorious_ - Kryptic Organization**

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