Wilds Hybrid - Summer Pool Party 2019

Summer Pool Party Tournament 2019
( Optional) It would be nice to see everyone using Pool party Skins for their first couple week or days of the tournament. This is Wilds Hybrid first OFFICIAL tournament of 2019 for Silver - Diamond 4 only.
Welcome to the Summer Pool Party Tournament 2019 event of the Wilds Hybrid community. This event will run for 4 weeks and your team will play 2 games each week. There is an Entry Fee of $10 which is listed on the application. ( Make sure to read that very carefully) The tournament is hosted on August of 2019 and it is available for SILVER - DIAMOND ELO ONLY ( 1 Diamond per team). There will be a prize pool of $100. For more information please contact me at summoner ign: WHB Célestínè Or join our discord: https://discord.gg/QWWsZfF

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