Want to win RP? Grab your team and join the Tournament on 4/19 and 4/20.

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⚔ ROUND 2'S FIRST EVER 5V5 TOURNAMENT! ⚔ 💠 Play League of Legends? 💠 Think you and your friends are better than the others? 💠 Want to win free RP? 🔥 Sign up TODAY for Round Two's first ever 5v5 Tournament! 🔥 💠 Sign up with a full team + 2 subs, or sign up to be put in a team! 💠 Sign-ups close April 18th, 10 PM EST. 🔥 REQUIREMENTS 🔥 💠 Account must be ranked. 💠 You're only allowed to use your own account throughout the entirety of the tournament. 🔥 WHEN & WHERE 🔥 💠 April 19 - April 20th. 💠 First game of both nights start 8:30 PM EST. 🔥 PRIZES 🔥 1st Place $25 RP each + 500k 🌺's + side bar role. 2nd place 1M 🌺's each. 3rd place 500k 🌺's each. 200k 🌺's to all participants. Disclaimer: Distribution of RP between the winning Team and its subs is solely decided via the team. Subs of the winning team by default will receive 1M 🌺's each. 🔥 EVERYONE'S A WINNER 🔥 💠 Even if you don't win the RP, all participants will receive 🌺's! Do I hear gambling? 🌺's can be exchanged for RP Cards or Nitro (check flower shop channel) 🔥 See you, on the rift! 🔥 Please note: All tournament participants must be a part of the Round 2 Discord server to not only participate, but to also receive any potential rewards. 💠Simply just click and join the discord link right here & sign up :) https://discord.gg/Eks4Qyr

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