Wilds Hybrid Recruitment Expansion

My name is Luna, ( LunAlpha) on NA League of Legends. I am the CEO / Leader of the Wilds Hybrid team. I started in season 7 as a Silver V and in Season 8, I climbed to Silver II. Wilds Hybrid is expanding its growth and I am currently looking for players from Silver - Diamond to join in our server and take on the journey of a weekly scrim, tournaments & many more fun adventures with DayClass, NightClass and the newly opened team this coming 2019 ( FINALE 2019 SCRIM TEAM ) and AlphaClass & BetaClass that practices every Mon - Thurs. from 5pm PST & 8pm PST. I am currently looking for 4 COACHES that wish to coach my team. Each team is separated into 4 Categories for next Season ( 2019) from DayClass ( 5pm PST) and NightClass (8pm PST) , AlphaClass - LowElo Team (5pm PST) and BetaClass - High Elo (8pm PST). I am looking for dedicated Coaches who are willing to put hardwork, determination, and efficiency into my team. Q & A : 1) ** What is my job as a Coach? ** - Spectating their games, contributing into what to do and what should not be done. - Going over VOD together, Team compositions, and creating their Schedule. - You can choose either DayClass, NightClass, or AlphaClass, or BetaClass APPLY NOW : https://goo.gl/forms/GogFweG6KuhXcask1 2) ** If you are interested in the Low-elo competitve class ** APPLY : https://t.co/JA5paTIvpY 3) ** If you are interested in the High- elo competitve class ** APPLY : https://t.co/clceCXFhs2 THANKS GL HF ! CEO / LEADER; LunAlpha ( Luna)

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