Team Famuz || Looking for players for the following roles: Mid, ADC, TOP ||

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Team Famuz is looking for players for the following positions: Top, Mid, and ADC. _**Gold or Plat elo players only**_ **Requirements: ** * - Must be able to scrim/practice at least 3 days a week. * - Must attend all team meetings * - Must be coachable, easy to work with * - No one tricks (We will check op.ggs) * - No smurfs please * - Ability to be online from 7pm EST to 11pm EST If you can't meet any of the requirements, please do not tryout. Tryouts will be running starting this evening and will run throughout the week. We're serious about building a strong team. Tournaments, leagues and occasional team coaching will be paid for after you have been accepted to the team.

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