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Lotus is hosting its first invitational with a grand prize of 300$ winner takes all. This will take place Sunday (5/12/19). The entry fee for the invitational will be 5$ per player or 25$ for a full roster. Payment is accepted through PayPal (we will give you the invite link once we can confirm payment.) Discord **http://discord.gg/zMDNzvW** Twitter**https://twitter.com/Lotus_LT** Battlefy **https://battlefy.com/lotuses/lotus-esports-invitational-300-prize-25-entry-fee-check-contact-details/5cbd76757cdbe0033d35dc2b/info** All questions and/or Payments will be directed to __Nutski | Lotus#2067__. You can contact him via direct message, or join the Discord

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