Fantasy LCS summer?

r/FantasyLCS - [NEWS] LoL Esports will NOT be hosting an official fantasy LCS game for the spring 2019 split
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Is there anything new regarding the FantasyLCS for summer split 2019? I can´t find any news regarding anything to it. Many people were looking forward to go for fantasy lcs in spring split and a week before the start of LEC/LCS they announced that there would be "no Fantasy this split and they will work on something that is to be announced half way through spring split" ... We are WAY past that point and i have seen nothing... Quote from a Reddit-comment: I know that people will ask why we have neglected Fantasy for so long. I don’t have a good answer for you. It was built on an old platform that isn’t very flexible (as anyone who waited seven weeks for the FOX/CG game to process in Summer Split will tell you), and we just never prioritized it. Seriously? Well that's a bit of a punch in the face. Especially when Riot rolled up a year ago to tell us they were going to start supporting fantasy more. ....... So what´s the deal now?
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