I don't think I have the mental toughness to play this game anymore.

I still like my champs, I like playing them, I like getting kills with them, I like dodging skillshots and outplaying the enemy... but what I don't like is playing with other fucking people that are bad as fuck. I just don't understand how can someone play this game for 5 fuckin' years and still go 2v5 after we get baron and we have the lead for the whole game, **just to possibly get one kill**, but lose the game. I don't want to rant anymore, but you get what kind of situations I can't take anymore. Basic logical reasoning is gone in a game where people are so bad they don't even have the skill to get carried. I played placements on another account and jesus almighty, the things I've seen in silver and gold. **You guys ask yourselves why you can't climb ? Literally just stop looking for kills like you're a fuckin' junky looking for a fix and focus on the god damn objectives.** I don't even know if I'm gonna play ranked on this main account, because low diamond is even worse than silver. Filled with people that are stuck there and just "goofing around" hehe and going 0/10. ... with all that, add the bad balancing of the game from riots part - you get a rage inducing game. I just wanted to rant a lil' bit, thanks for reading.
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