I should not be forced to lose LP for this

Here I am, trying to come back from a pretty mediocre win-loss-win-loss streak, and then this shit happens. Noc loads just fine, connects, buys items, disconnects. He does not return the entire game. I cannot guess his intentions, or if it was simply a tech problem - though honestly my first guess was that Kayn got banned by the enemy which is what he was hovering, and he decided too little too late he didn't want to play Nocturne. That is all besides the point, though. Nocturne bought items, did not leave base or move at all, and disconnected at 0:29 in game, and we were not once notified that he reconnected, therefore he was disconnected for at least 90 seconds before the 3 minutes mark. An early death will not stop a remake unless it is before the player DCs, however Tristana did not die until 2:13. There was a 104 second gap between his DC and her death. I have read over the Remake FAQ at least 3 times, there is nothing that should've prevented us from remaking. I have read Rioters state that you will not get a remake unless a player has never connected, however this conflicts with what is stated in the FAQ. https://i.imgur.com/V8J9y6q.png Edit: My literal only theory as to why else we did not get the option to remake is because Tristana died at 2:13 due to hardcore cheese. However, the Remake FAQ states as follows: "First blood against a player's team **before they leave/dc** will prevent a /remake vote." Nocturne had been gone since the first few seconds of the game. **So why the hell weren't we given a remake?** I've also had other players confirm that deaths should not prevent remakes unless it is before the player DCs. Edit: **I do not care that I lost LP simply because I lost LP. I care because I should have received a remake and did not. I care because a system that is in place to prevent this issue failed entirely. ** Yes, I know you have to manually remake. Yes, I am sure that we did not get the option to. _**TL;DR - A player on my team, connected, bought items, did not move at all, and then disconnected at 0:29. We were not given the option to remake at 3:00 despite everything in FAQ indicating that we should have received a remake. The remake system is more than likely buggy, and it lacks a large amount of clarity.**_
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