Dear Riot, I am ok with you making the game brainlessly stompy and snowbally...

... but then don't expect me to actually play through any game that I am at the recieving end of it. The score is 17-4 at minute 15? Surrender or I afk. Simple as that. You want one team to be the overly dominating one because being the one stomping feels fun? Well, good for you, but I surely won't tear my fucking arse open and try to carry a team that already is this deep in the shit and at the recieving end of a stomp. Maybe if this game was balanced in a way that I could consider that a comback from such a score would be possible, I might bother, but like this, nope, even gonna take priority queue for that. Luckily it's always reliable 20 minutes, good enough for at least almost one episode of whatever I wind up watching. With this it is not even an inconvenience, as I can reliably catch up with my plan-to-watch-list lol. Better end lost games in 15 minutes and jump into the next, before wasting 40 on the same loss. Heck, Just afking at 15, and taking the surrender at 20 or even earlier, plus 20 minutes low priority queue is STILL more efficient than 40+ minutes of watching some morons fail to press the yes-button on the surrender vote (usually it's 1/14/2 premade botlane yay) and then start the next game. Is my behavior toxic? Obviously. Do I give a shit? No. All I provide is a honst and logical response to the inherent system with the goal to get as many ranked games, and with that potential wins, done as fast as possible so I climb. And that is the whole point of ranked, and if actively ruining games so they end faster is the way to do that, well... so be it.
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