While everyone is complaining about Jhin, I'd actually love meta to always be of skillfull champions

I mean, there will always be top tier champions. Even if we were to nerf this and that, others will climb to S tier. While I don't at all enjoy the current meta and have mostly stopped playing in the past few months solely due to that (League of oneshots *cough*), I'm just saying that I'd much rather be stomped by an OP Jhin or Ahri, ASol, Nami (who are 54-55% win rate right now btw) rather than Kai'Sa, Zed, Trynd or Janna. I certainly like it more when I feel like the enemy earned the kill on me rather than literally rightclicked/Pressed R on me to death. So stop complaining about things like Jhin being OP, because other, worse ones will take his place.
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