What do we classify Kayn as?

https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/1a/Kayn_OriginalSkin.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20170628022010 --- ##TL;DR Just help me clarify what class each of Kayn's forms fall into ##EDIT: No shit he's an AD Caster --- To this day I still can't figure out what class Kayn and his forms are classified as because his kit is just so weird when you look at it. Q-Short dash with AOE damage W-Straight skillshot that slows E-Speed buff and ignores terrain R-Reworked Zed R Like with Default Kayn he really doesn't have the traditional mobility of an assassin where you have 2-3 dashes/blinks, Kayn has a short dash and a speed buff on his basic abilities. His ganks are obviously really assassin like with his E but after that he kind of turns into a really shitty fighter; half a champion. After he transforms it becomes much more clear though. With Shadow Kayn I guess it's pretty clear with his new passive that he's a burst assassin since it grants bonus magic damage the first 3 seconds after attacking a champion. He always becomes much more mobile since he no longer gets movement locked by W, slow immunity from E and longer range on R. He's not a traditional assassin but he definitely does the job well. Honestly Rhaast feels like a juggernaut and is a lot like Aatrox. * Rhaast passive, Q and R provides constant healing just like Aatrox E passive * Q is an extremely short dash like Aatrox E * Rhaast W is a skillshot knockup like Aatrox Q1 But again Kayn E is able to pass through terrain which as good as any other dash an assassin would have so does this turn him into a diver? But on the other hand it's still just a speed buff which other juggernauts have _(I.E.{{champion:86}}{{champion:72}}{{champion:48}})_? Don't forget the blink from his R either which just adds that much more mobility to his kit. Is the whole point of Kayn just for his forms to be unclear on what classes they are? If so shouldn't his basic form be classified as a specialist instead of a fighter? Just help me clarify what Kayn is.
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