Yorick really getting nerfed before Riven

I haven't lost a single game to Yorick in the last 2 patches where he became "OP" (despite an unimpressive performance in the pro play games he's picked in, indicating this is largely a soloQ ordeal). His performance drops steadily the higher rank you sort for and I would expect it to continue to decline. His pick % also decreases and so does his ban rate. I keep Riven on my permaban because she's much harder to deal with and is objectively stronger - boasting a higher win AND play rate - and yet she's being completely ignored. Riven has also been strong for much longer and is touted as a "very hard to play" champion which makes these numbers even less acceptable. Her win rate only gets higher the higher you sort for. Her pick rate does not change and her ban rate increases. Better nerf Yorick.
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