Why trolls win League of Legends.

Bot fed 4 kills at the start. Despite that, we were winning every other lane, and doing good. Sona gives up, and insists its over and afks in base at the 5 minute mark. Except they dont fully afk. THey move around to avoid the auto detection, and keep talking crap. Though again nothing "toxic" just "omg give up this is a waste of time" stuff... Fast forward over 30 minutes, we're actually doing very well. We're always down on kills, but we're bleeding their nose just as much as we are for them, problem is we don't have a sona or a 5th to help claim the victory... fast forward even longer.. game is now 35 minutes.. 35 minutes going a 4v5. and being down only about 7 kills at the end isn't bad at all. We aced them several times but were too hurt to actually keep pushing our advantage because again, sona is afk in base crying. --------------------- And you know who's going to get punished? The people getting upset at this A hole for afking. THe person actually being toxic through their actions. yes they are gonna get away scott free for it. Who's going to get punished? The people being upset... It's human, and normal, and if anything shows a good mentality to get upset when people act like this. (no racial and sexist attcks aren't ever ok), but getting upset at them? Nothing should be wrong for that. My team pleaded, begged, and finally told Sona to F off and she's worthless. They tried, and in the end, nothing worked.. I know 2 people said garbage, so if this troll reports, they'll get an auto chat ban for no GOOD reason.. and this is why Trolls, and toxicity reign supreme in League.. You can do things 50x more toxic and tilting through actions than any words, or piss fight in chat could do, but Riot doesn't care.. They won't do anything about it... tell a person insulting your wife to F off though, perma ban!

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