I'm a man of reason. Here's what I think ACTUALLY needs to be dealt with in the game rn.

**Lethal Tempo/Press the Attack:** One of these need to go. The overlap is too much and one or the other is going to outdo the other one at all times. One of the two needs to get the boot. Personally, I think Lethal Tempo is the healthier option out of the two. Instead of just granting free damage from all sources for AA'ing someone a bit, it rewards sticking to your opponents and maxing out your reward from the rune. Either way, one needs to go. **Dark Harvest:** This is the reason why I made this thread, honestly. This rune needs to be altered. Burst damage from a source like this should not infinitely scale, and games where this thing's fantasy is realized are beyond miserable. WELL beyond miserable. Games where a Dark Harvest champ pops off are just INSANELY snowbally since that guy basically has "Electrocute on steroids 5.2 edition". Predator is nice because it's mostly used for the speed. Electrocute is nice because it's the more generalized damage option. Dark Harvest, even if it's the scaling option, should NOT infinitely scale. Either scrap the rune or work with it a bit so it can be capped somewhere. **Conqueror:** It may be overtuned. Idk for sure. True damage gets people's panties all bunched up, regardless of details, but true damage conversion *on top of* bonus AD *on top of* it constantly refreshing for fighters might be harsh. You could dial down either the refreshing thing or hit the true damage a bit...maybe by 5%. Make it so the refresh caps at 6 or 9 seconds? Idk, but address it a little bit, not too much. **Marksmen:** Here's what I think on the subject. Ultimately, the result of the changes made were amazing. **Don't move the finish line back, Riot. However, you may need to smooth out the track.** Nerfing crit synergy was the smart play, same for nerfing the Zeal items...but all the changes as a whole were heavy-handed. Maybe you guys could tackle the recipe for Infinity Edge so it's easier to work with somehow? Maybe tackle Zeal's pricing (not the things it builds into, just Zeal itself)? Idk, but I think the reason why crit marksmen are so devastated right now is because making to your build's checkpoints (unless the enemy ints) is the real killer. Also, marksmen are way too closely linked to bot lane. More marksmen should be tackled and dealt with so they aren't too crummy in solo lanes. **Damage in general:** This is a very complicated topic. - Some of this is actually true. Front-loaded damage has, once again, become an issue at the forefront of the boards. This time around, it isn't from crits landing 800 damage on someone's head. This time it's from lethality-users like Rengar jumping out the band-o in attack mode and removing someone from play. Now, *this is kind of the community's fault.* Riot realized that people didn't like being 1-shot like hell, so they slowed down assassins with burst patterns that were faster than the likes of Zed and Fizz. In the case of some of these guys, the boards complained **incessantly,** and Riot changed them *back.* Now we're in an earlier game meta, where assassins are picked, and well, people are pissed...AGAIN...over a problem we already solved, then went back and made into a problem again. What can we even do about it? - Some of this is actually the usual whining we always see. League is a snowbally game. If Zed gets 2 or 3 kills and some good farm, he's GONNA pop you if you're a mage or a carry pick. That isn't new, so don't act surprised. It's his job. If you draft bad or build shit builds, you reap what you sow. Sure, you could say "Games shouldn't be over in champ sele-" this is partly a strategic game. In strategic games, unit selection is as important as unit utilization. If you can't understand that, blame *yourself.* Sure, you COULD win going LeBlanc into Kassadin...but we **highly** doubt it. Some match-ups are good, and some suck dick. That's any game with characters in it, not just League. Like, I just had a game with a Talon that was whining about being popped by Syndra all game, and when I told him "Build a drinker", he bought {{item:1036}} {{item:1036}} {{item:3134}}. Like...come on... Anywho, if you ask me, I think that Riot should nerf lethality a bit. Not a whole lot, but a few bits. They should also buff Exhaust or nerf Ignite. No, they should NOT just nerf damage as a whole. That'll be a massive buff to tanks and supports. Think before you guys circle-jerk. That's it for my thoughts. Short story of each: - Dark Harvest is toxic or useless. - Lethal Tempo and PtA just can't coexist. - Conqueror can use a slight power down. - Marksmen itemization is a *little* too harsh on crit marksmen. - Some marksmen could do some good being liberated from bot lane and Riot should look into making that happen. - Damage is kinda "bleh" atm, I'd agree. It's not solely Riot's fault and the community is cancerous as hell for constantly blaming the balance team for their shitty decision making.
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