The role of Support...

I love Heimerdinger Support because the dea of building turrets always brought me back to old school tower defense.. But when it comes to the role of Support it seems to favor champions, like Heimerdinger, that are just able to bully lane instead of providing any real utility. To me, if we're going to have a role of Support, then actually designate (and condemn) certain Champions as "Support exclusive"- then a team with a "Support Exclusive" champ should have an edge over a team without one. But that's just not the case.. and considering the last 3 Supports dropped are extremely aggressive: Pyke (literally an assassin) Yuumi (AP burst practically perma Zhonya) Senna (literally an ADC that is her own Support saying FU to Thresh and Lucian at the same time like wtf?) Then we have our Sorakas. Our Jannas. Namis. Alistars. Braums. Etc. Champions that cause heart attacks if picked anywhere but Support... And not supporting better than non-support Champions. There is a problem here. SOLUTION Emphasize what a TANK is. I'm beyond tired of this hyper-damage nonsense. Defensive stats aren't noticeable. Defensive abilities aren't demonstrating the definition of TENACITY. Emphasize what HEALING is. If a Champion is condemned to be "Support" only Healer then those Heals need to be real game-changers and not just something that prevents the next 200 damage. UTILITY?? Why is Yasuo's wind wall a more effective defensive utility than Janna's shield? Just my thoughts I guess.
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