fighters are going to break stormrazor

consider that a lot of divers atm are already pseudo assassins because tanky DPS died years ago. most have attack resets or modifiers that give them bonus damage, right? well, for most fighters, these modifiers can crit. wu Q, garen Q, rek xin zhao -- in fact the only two I can think of that don't are Camille's Q and the bonus damage on Nasus Q. for abilities that can hit hard already, that bonus damage *critting* guaranteed adds so much damage to their combos they can pop a squishy before electrocute even has time to activate. add this into triforce gage and fighters who can run the combo are going to be strong as hell. fighter champs really seem to be going under radar atm. just thought I'd point this out; they have been getting a lot of buffs lately.
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