50% winrate balance mechanism

im not creating this thread to cry over a losing streak ..... but i have one very honest opinion over this subject i understand the system trying to keep the player at around 50% winrate and i accepted that along time ago but at the start of this season , i started wining alot i won most of my games and i had like 78% winrate , but suddenly i started getting games that was NOT winnable , either i had afk teammate or just bad players OR very good enemy who just simply out skilled me , and i lost 13 games in row , and my winrate came to 46% at that point i was very discouraged , and in a very bad mind set because of this losing streak this balancing mechanism should be on a Balance state ... like one win 2 loss ... not 10 win in row 13 lose in row , this puts players in a bad state of mind and even good players will perform bad at this point ive been playing for 2 years and this issue was always there , and it is one of the biggest issues ive had in this game losing streak makes me flame , pick champions that i havnt yet mastered , or overall perform bad , and ive checked other histories and noticed that other players who feed in a game or go afk or simply start flaming the team over one death ... also are in a losing streak , but looking at their kda and stats over all they arent bad players my point is this system is creating that type of player which is not a good sport honestly :) not saying they dont exist by themselfes but ... get the point also , this is just a thought , but i think riot matching system punishes grinders and people who play alot too , this is just a feeling but ,....
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