Can riot deactivate my account?

i am tired of this game and i want to take a break but dont want to get perma banned i want to know if riot can deactivate my account till they get a new balance team and fix the game. i am tired of going into games knowing that there is always going to be a broken way to a abuse the game and get a free win, i am tired of having the best game knowledge on my team but have idiots that fight 1v5 as i tell them dont and u will die, i am tired of people not knowing when to fight and how to fight also people who dont ff when the enemy team is 8-30 with fed alkali zoe and swain. i want the balance team to stop making changes based on the lcs it the dumbest way to balance a game because only the top .5-2% of ppl play at that level. i want them to make reworks that actually matter and dont break the game even more the past reworks such as {{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:50}} have been completely unbalanced for so long after they come out. i want them to stop making champs like {{champion:142}} she is cool and all mechanical but how the fuck do people in the balance team have a 9-5 job there soul purpose is to balance the game not notice how she is broken for over 4 months. pls riot start lisint to the majority of your player base bronze-diamond and balance the game based on those ranks. its so dumb everyone will be complaining about a champion and how they are broken and need nerfs and changes what is riots response to this? WELL ITS NOT PLAYED IN THE LCS SO TOUGH TITIS. like you were once a fantastic game and still have lots of potential but if you drop this ball a few more times your game will lose a lot of players quickly, a few more things that just make no sense new runes they just are dumb and broken and impossible to balance so just make it easy on yourself and go back to the old system making them free, stop supporting hex tech cases and focus more on game play and balance changes that benefit your game not your wallet. and last but not least come up with a new ban system or lower priority Que if people dont get honored that much or show bad behavior in most games put them in a different que pls same with inters and afks
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