Peering into the life of an adc.

Me playing Vayne: Hmm its late game I have my merc scim finished and my hexdrinker finished. I have some defense in my build, it should help right? Hmm. I should be able to take on this Viktor as Vayne. I will just dodge his w and e with my Qs. It's not like his Q can oneshot me :D *Ults and tumbles to E viktor into a wall.* Viktor: *Presses q and autos me, deals 1900 dmg* I die. Vayne: Oh look I have died, I have been outplayed. Wow he's so good. He auto'd me once :o Seriously why do I even still play this game. I even invest in Magic resist, since they have 3 ap carries on there team. But somehow one ability from each still oneshots me :D I love this game so much.
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