My Biggest Gripe About Twisted Treelines (TT) Upcoming Removal

I just find it weird, that despite TT having a ranked aspect, TT was never mentioned in the form or eSports, official or player organized. Nor was there ever a time Riot has praised players for being so passionate about a game mode to go as far as to get Challenger in it. Yes there's a leaderboard but there was never a time where you heard, "Y team is the best TT players of 20XX / Season Z!" Not saying there is a need for having company sponsored teams compete in TT but the ranked teams at the end of season are never **celebrated** for reaching the first spot. The only time you'll ever see them is if you take the time out of your day and sift through the client to find the top players and teams for TT on the leaderboard. But TFT on the other hand, only 1 week into it's beta, Riot kneeled before the players who played their first ever 5 games of TFT and immortalized them on an official [webpage]( And what about the TT players? So basically, even though there was a competitive aspect to TT, the call to climb the ladder, players aren't celebrated outside of the leaderboard and seasonal rewards. Whether or not the community for TT was very small the active engagement by Riot in TTs community was very lacking.
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