The Ranked Loop.

Hi lads, I have a thought that kind of bothers me all the time regarding the ranked climb.I started out this season with being placed in Diamond 1,was pretty satisfied with that considering I ended the Season with Dia 3 and the preseason with Dia 2. As the games went by, I eventually dropped down to diamond 4, with a negative wr, and having played more games then I should have(lul), I finally climbed back to Dia1. So all was going well until recently, I had an 11 game lose streak(wtf?!?!?) and dropped to Diamond 2. Now I know no one here is interested in an average players climb, but has anyone else felt that the game kind of keeps you in this loop? I mean, cycling back and forth between divisions constantly, having random lose/win streaks, being placed with players that are on a lose streak/win streak on purpose,or am I just being paranoid? Never actually bothered about this, but this season it really sets me off, kind of thinking about quitting the game for good. Any thoughts? Thanks for giving it a read!:) Cheers.
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